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Our magnetic lash technology secures your beautiful new lashes in seconds — without messy glues or damaging adhesives.

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The Money-Smart Option

Choosing One Two Lash doesn’t just make you beautiful… it saves you money! Standard salon lash extensions cost between $120-500 per visit. And since extensions only last 3-4 weeks, it means you’ll be spending anywhere from $1,440 to $6,000 on your lashes every year. That’s just absurd!

Fortunately, One Two Lash makes luxurious-looking lashes affordable on any budget. Each set costs a fraction of one salon session...and can last a LOT longer!

We are making the lashes as fast as we can! Orders placed will ship within 8-10 weeks from order date! Thank you in advance for your patience.








One Two Lash was named one of 2016’s top “Breakthrough Innovative Beauty Products” by Allure Magazine!


We know you expect the best — that’s why your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, simply send it back within 60 days and we’ll refund or exchange you order. No questions asked!

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Your days of applying messy adhesive to achieve lashes of great lengths are a thing of the past… Here's to never using eyelash glue again, and to fuller, longer lashes in just minutes.

Women everywhere are switching to One Two Lash. If you’re serious about beauty, we want you to join us!


User Reviews

"It probably took me 90 seconds to figure out how to apply One Two Lash. Now that I can do it, it literally takes me two seconds an eye to click them into place."
- Kyle E.

"One Two Lash gives me the perfect cat eye. And they look so natural. False eyelashes can look fake. I can wear these to school. Plus the magnetic lashes are so easy to put on. It’s like one, two, boom, boom, done!"
- Breanna S.

"With long lashes I feel sexier, I feel more confident. That's why I used to get extensions.
With my magnetic lashes, I get the same long, full lash look, but I've saved so much money from not having to go the salon anymore".
- Samantha W.

"Just getting ready in the mornings, especially for somebody who goes to work every day, you don’t want to spend too much time fussing with your makeup. But at the same time, I love to show up to work looking great. Wearing One Two Lash makes me feel sexy, makes me look glamorous. And I can look that way in less than the time it takes me to put in my contact lens. These magnetic lashes are amazing."
- Sahar T.

"I wear One Two Lash to the gym, to work, out to dinner. I don't need to spend hours in the mirror gluing my lashes together anymore, when I can just click the magnetic lashes in place and be out the door."
- Tina L.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of One Two Lash?

They are reusable and should be cared for like your favorite accessory. How you take care of them will define their life span. Tips to extend longevity: storing in the One Two Case. Gentle application and removal. Remove before bathing.

Do you ship internationally?

One Two Cosmetics is constantly striving to provide quality with a glamorous experience. At this moment, we are finalizing our international shipping. We anticipate having these capabilities by early 2017.

Can you add other makeup with One Two Lash?

This is a product to make your own, so use other eye make up in the fashion that looks and feels best on you.

How do I clean my lashes?

If you notice clumps from your mascara on your lashes, very delicately take them off with a wet tissue. Do not pull on the lashes. One Two Lash are reusable many times and are intended to be worn without mascara directly applied on them. We wear our lashes many times without cleaning, and use mascara to blend the product with real lashes (if necessary).

What if One Two Lash do not fit my eyes?

One Two Lash are tailored for most eye shapes. They are applied toward the outer half of your eyes, making them more universal.

Does One Two Lash use fur and/or human hair?

No, we do not. We love all furry creatures including humans. One Two Lash uses our patent pending magnetic technology and design with synthetic fiber.

What’s the difference between One Two Lash and other false eyelashes?

One Two Lash, the first magnetic lash, is unlike any lash currently on the market because the user does not have to apply (or deal with) any type of glue or adhesive -- adhesive that can be irritating or toxic to the eye. Manufactured in the United States, the patent-pending magnetic technology is designed to be a lightweight, reusable, time-saving, and economical solution to eyelash augmentation.

Is the magnetic One Two Lash safe for my eyes?

One Two Cosmetics has performed extensive internal testing, and retained Princeton Consumer Research to independently study the effect of continued use of the magnetic lashes in healthy female subjects. Not a single adverse reaction was found, and Princeton approved our lashes as safe for use. For the health and safety of our customers, we do not recommend any eye products, including One Two Lash, to anyone with pre-existing eye conditions.

What if I'm unsatisfied with my purchase?

We expect only the best and we know you do as well. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we are happy to refund your money when returned within 60 days.

Please return your lashes to:

One Two Cosmetics
9371 Canoga Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91313

Once lashes are received, we will then refund your order and will send out a confirmation email. Any questions regarding your purchase please contact us.

Women everywhere are switching to One Two Lash. If you’re serious about beauty, we want you to join us!